About A Freezing Father's Fundraiser

A Freezing Father’s Fundraiser is the brainchild of Ben and Elan’s Dad, Peter Burgess. Winter camping has always been a favorite of his, and when he announced his intentions to camp out in plummeting temperatures for a week . . . . well, it sounded just as nutty then as some might find it now. Peter will continue to pay tribute to Elan in these and other ways. We always promised we’d keep our memories of her safe, and this event is one way we do that. 

First Responders

This year A Freezing Father is paying tribute to our first responders: fire, police, ambulance, the armed forces and the RCMP. Had the ambulance not been on the scene so quickly and the crew not done their work so well we would not have had those precious extra hours with a conscious and responsive Elan before she slipped away. First responders are all around us, ready to engage when we needed, and we thank them for their commitment to our communities.